Paige Spiranac Reveals Her 2023 Swimsuit Calendar

Swimsuit calendars ARE BACK!

On the same day that Hooters revealed its massive 2023 bikini calendar, Paige Spiranac unleashed her own bikini calendar as brands start to take back the power from the wokes whose sole purpose was to suck the fun out of this country.

The wokes wanted to suck the T (testosterone) right out of this country one soy-based Brown Sugar Oat Americano at a time.

As I've written over and over, this is a fight that red-blooded America MUST WIN. Thanks to the likes of Hooters and Paige-views Spiranac, the wokes are on their heels. They feel the grip they had on FUN's throat.

OutKick is doing its thing against the wokes in HUGE NUMBERS. The bikini calendar community stepped up. Ron DeSantis is doing his part by inheriting Gavin Newsom's in-laws and their big money.

Why does the rest of the world hate America? Because they will never reach the level of cool that comes from having a strong Constitution, drunken 3 a.m. trips to Waffle House, Nickelback live shows at Sturgis, the NFL, the SEC, Busch Light, Nashville, gas-powered mowers, bikini models slinging chicken wangs, Paige-views Spiranac dumping out the world's best golf content, and the world's most incredible military might.

(Feel free to copy and paste that paragraph to use on Facebook.)

It absolutely drives the woke nutjobs crazy and we have to keep the peddle on the floor.

God bless Paige-views. Now go support this hard-working woman and buy her calendar -- when she actually posts it on her merch page.

“I’ve always wanted to do a calendar for the longest time because I come from a calendar family,” Paige-views told the New York Post.

This woman just went out and did her part to save red-blooded America from soy boys. It was just Paige and a photographer.

“It was a two-man job, but the photos don’t reflect that at all. They look amazing and they are my most favorite photos I have ever taken,” she added.

Boom, I'm sold. Say no more.

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