Paige Spiranac Posts Final Revealing Photo In Case Twitter Dies

Twitter is still alive this morning after a death scare last night, but at least the Internet got a Paige Spiranac Christmas pajamas photo out of the dumb ordeal.

By now you know the story. Elon Musk locked out a bunch of workers who supposedly keep Twitter alive and humming along. One thing led to another and blue checkmark nerds, and nerds in general, thought such a move would cause Twitter to die and so these overdramatic losers were posting all sorts of final tweets.

Because Paigeviews Spiranac is a content genius, she pulled the trigger on one final cleavage photo for the red-blooded American men who still enjoy sports, beers, boobs and fun.

Notice how Paigeviews also took advantage of #RIPTwitter to plug her site where she's collecting emails. That's marketing 101, folks. That's back to the basics stuff.

There are blue checkmarks on Twitter who have spent their entire careers sitting there rambling away and not even thinking about building a following separate of social media channels. It's Internet career suicide.

"Well, it's been 9 minutes . . . I think it's safe to say that your boobs are solely responsible for Twitter's continued existence," a fan tweeted to Paigeviews as everyone expected Twitter's imminent death.

"You're welcome," she fired back.

Pure genius.

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