Paige Spiranac Has More To Say On Olivia Dunne & Female Athletes Showing Off Their Bodies

Now I'm convinced Paige Spiranac reads my posts.

Monday night, Paigeviews pumped out another award-winning click-machine video where she dumped out more opinions on female athletes -- LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne -- using a little skin to move the pop culture needle.

In her one-minute, nine-second essay, the world's No. 1 golf influencer Spiranac describes women being told to stop over-sexualizing their social media feeds as a "big stinkin' pile of shit."

Last week, the Instagram legend tore into New York Times columnist nerd Kurt Streeter for his hit piece on Dunne where it was implied that the only way the 20-year-old has been able to land NIL deals is by sexualizing her social media feed for profit.

In my takedown of Streeter, I pointed out how the top-four highest-paid female athletes in the world have all posed for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Paigeviews points out the same thing in her Monday night video dump.

That's because she reads OutKick and knows we're going to make great points while posting Instagram photos.

Take it away, Paige.

See how easy this is?

Paigeviews gets it. Olivia Dunne gets it. Anyone who has spent more than eight months on the Internet gets it. Shoot, there are tens of thousands of OutKick readers on Social Security who now understand how this game is played.

And then you have scumbags like Streeter coming along making this out to be like Dunne did something wrong.

As I said last week on the great Dan Dakich Show, if some Lizzo-like shotputter at woke Cal Berkeley where Streeter went to college was the highest-paid female college athlete, there is a 0.0% chance Streeter writes a column.

The minute a 20-year-old blonde gymnast from LSU has that honor, woke Kurt and his band of fellow woke nerds feel it's their duty to stand up for such fake-outrage injustice because it's good for their woke street cred & it plays so well within their circle jerk of woke friends.

Then Kurt goes to his cocktail parties with his woke friends at some expensive restaurant while fentanyl addicts lay crumpled in the streets of the woke-topia where he calls home.

Paigeviews said it best. It's a "big stinkin' pile of shit."

Well done, girlfriend.

Send me an email. Let's golf the next time you're in Michigan.

Now, watch Paigeviews hit this drive:

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