Paige Spiranac Doubles Down On TCU Love In Response To OutKick

Paige Spiranac won't be knocked off her TCU pick ahead of the national title game.

The Instagram sensation and golfer surprised some people when she announced in a recent post that she was picking the Horned Frogs to upset Georgia in the national title game.

Fans of the Bulldogs hoping to convince her to change her mind are in for a disappointing time.

In response to an OutKick tweet, Spiranac fired back with a hilarious frog GIF to double down on her love for Sonny Dykes' team going into Monday night.

Several of her followers also appeared to support the pick. Apparently, TCU is getting a lot of support, despite being a +12.5 underdog.

Will Paige Spiranac turn out to be correct?

As I wrote Thursday here at OutKick, Spiranac is channeling her inner Han Solo spirit. Never tell her the odds.

It doesn't matter if Vegas and the sportsbooks expect Monday night to be a massacre carried out by Georgia against TCU.

Paige Spiranac is riding with her gut. As you can tell, her gut tells her Max Duggan and his team will get after it.

After initially surprising people with the pick, she's doubled down on Twitter to OutKick. At this point, it seems like she has a lot of momentum on her side.

Whenever Spiranac and OutKick combine forces, you definitely don't want to be on the other side. At this point, is anyone even still willing to pick Georgia?

We'll have to wait until Monday night to find out how everything unfolds. For now, Paige Spiranac is all in on the Horned Frogs.