Packers Fans React To Aaron Rodgers' Summit With His Guru Aubrey Marcus, A Guy They Say Is A 'Snake Oil Salesman'

Shame on you if your basic, non-enlightened brain thought Aaron Rodgers would emerge from the darkness of an Oregon cave and pump out a social media message announcing his retirement or his return to the NFL for $60 million.

Tuesday night, Rodgers' health & wellness guru shaman friend, Aubrey Marcus (not his full name at birth), teased a sitdown conversation with the future hall of famer that's supposed to shed light on what the quarterback experienced during his blacked-out cave-cation.

Needless to say, Green Bay fans are not the least bit happy with their Super Bowl champion leader who is now turning his offseason into some sort of LeBron 'Decision' where Aubrey Marcus -- who is said to have family ties to the Fleshlight empire -- is serving as his Jim Gray.

Of course, Marcus is a willing participant. He is in the process of building his company Onnit, a total human optimization brand(!) that Joe Rogan reportedly held an ownership interest in, and growing (some have called it cult-like) his media empire. Here he is sitting with his buddy for a conversation that every Big J in sports is watching and wishing they could get.

This is the media get of the year and Packers fans are absolutely sick to their stomachs over what they're witnessing.

Over on r/Packers, fans have been answering the "Who is Aubrey Marcus?" question for those who don't understand why Rodgers isn't revealing his life updates to Pat McAfee.

First, let's remember back to when Rodgers revealed he'd gone on a psychedelic trip in the jungles of South America. Aubrey Marcus was the guy who conducted that interview. Marcus is a big proponent of ayahuasca, the psychedelic brew that the Packers' QB consumed.

Marcus is also a huge fan of darkness retreats.

Rodgers' alleged shaman girlfriend Blu of Earth went on an Aubrey Marcus podcast in 2022 and spoke of the wonders she experienced at Sky Cave Retreats in Oregon.

And now that's where Rodgers just spent time doing soul-searching at $250 a night for a one-room cave with a bathroom and tub.

Packers fans are fed up with Aubrey Marcus & Rodgers

"The guy who thinks he’s solved health by living 'natural' while consuming a bevy of dubious drugs and supplements, who also considers it self-development to crush any ethical aversion he has to his wife sleeping with other guys," one Packers fan writes on Reddit to define Marcus.

"Idk who Aubrey Marcus is, but Michael Aubrey Christopher Marcus is a snake oil salesman that Rodgers hangs with," writes another while using Marcus' birth name. Supposedly, Marcus changed his name after a successful ayahuasca trip just after turning 30 as a way "to draw a line of demarcation between his old life and the new life that lay ahead."

Another fan seems to see this for what it is.

"This whole thing is just becoming so tiresome," the fan writes. "The spectacle of it all, which Rodgers absolutely contributes a huge amount to whether people want to admit it or not, is just becoming so overdone at this point.

"We're super close to the point where its becoming attention seeking."

You think?

But what do you expect in 2023 when people are paying $250 a night to stay in a cave to figure out if they want to play football for $60 million. We're living in a bizarro world and this is just another layer to the bizarro.

Over on Instagram, Rodgers is taking heat for drawing out his big DECISION reveal.

"If its true soul searching you wouldnt have made it public before hand. Dude is ate up with a constant need for attention," an observer noted.

Put it this way, fans aren't in the mood for all this shaman crap.

"This guy is so full of himself. He went from being a good person to showing who he is... A multi multi millionaire with his head so far up his own ass the dark space only shows light when he farts. C'mon man. You play a game for a living, why do you think you're solving world problems, or anything close to that," a guy named Brian writes.

You'll get your decision, Brian, once Rodgers and his guru milk this one for all the clicks and pageviews it can muster.

Hang tight.

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