OutKick Crime Files: $2 Million Worth Of Jewerly Stolen In Broad Daylight In New York City

Over $2 million worth of jewelry was stolen in broad daylight in New York City over the weekend as the city continues its downward spiral.

Video of the robbery shows the "smash-and-go" heist that took less than a minute to complete before the thieves were able to take off with the valuables.

The criminals are still on the loose.


Facets Jewelry owner Irina Sulay joined Fox and Friends First to discuss the frightening situation as she was in the store when the robbery occurred.

Sulay says that a group of masked thieves busted into the store before one said "this is how you use a hammer," and began smashing and grabbing the expensive jewelry.

One of the other threatened to shoot her and her co-worker if they called the cops.

"Are they going to… hold us hostage? Like what is actually going to happen? This is basically broad daylight. It's a Sunday. a family day…It's very unfortunate," Sulay added.

The ordeal lasted less than 1 minute as the thieves made off with millions of dollars worth of jewels. The entire incident was caught on surveillance camera but no arrests have been made.

For now, Sulay says that she is concerned about not only her safety, but the rise of criminal activity in New York City. She describes the situation as "heartbreaking" and said that because of the massive amount of expensive jewelry that was stolen, she has to "pick up the pieces and basically start again."


As I've argued for months in the OutKick Crime Files, when you don't punish criminals for smaller crimes, they feel that they can get away with anything. This will only escalate what crimes they will commit next.

First it's stealing from a local CVS, then it goes to stealing at an Apple store, then it goes to robbing jewelers and armed robbery and then suddenly someone unfortunately may get killed. Time and time again we've seen the narrative playout.

If you don't set an example and hold people accountable for their actions, then how can prosecutors, judges and bail-reform pushers be "shocked and surprised" when something terrible happens? It's a direct result of THEIR policies.

So whether you have someone who is running around with an axe in New York City, to another person who took a metal baseball bat and crushed someone in the head with it - both let go less than one day later, or criminals that have been arrested 80+ times and still let go, the direction of the country is heading the wrong way.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon.

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