OnlyFans Star Elle Brooke Rocks Opponent In Boxing Match

Elle Brooke threw some absolute bombs Saturday against Faith Ordway.

The popular OnlyFans star set the tone ahead of the match by hammering a beer and chicken sandwich while in a bikini at the weigh-in, and she backed it up in impressive fashion Saturday.

Brooke was throwing punches like they were going out of style and absolutely rocked Ordway on her way to a first round victory.

Elle Brooke brought the heat.

If you're going to show up to the weigh-in drinking beer and eating a chicken sandwich in a bikini, you better back it up in the ring.

If you don't, you're going to look like an all-time loser and clown. Well, Elle Brooke backed it up and she backed it up in a big way.

She made Ordway's life a living hell, and the fight was over before it was even really on.

At times, it's hard to know whether or not you should take these celebrity boxers seriously. After all, Jake Paul hasn't ever actually fought a legit boxing star. It's more of a show.

When it comes to Elle Brooke, she was a beast in the ring. She spilled some blood and absolutely got after it against Faith Ordway.

That was pure unleashed passion as she let her punches fly.

Brooke and her idol Ebanie Bridges also managed to take some time to pose for a quick photo after the awesome victory.

Worlds colliding for sure here at OutKick.

Where does Brooke go from here? That's unknown, but clearly, she's going to be hanging around the boxing world. After lighting up Faith Ordway, I think it's pretty clear she's here to stay.

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