OnlyFans Model Promises Mexico's Goalkeeper A Night He Won't Forget If He Wins The World Cup

I'm not sure what it's like to be a soccer player here in the United States, but it looks like it's not a bad gig in other countries. In addition to the money, and being in phenomenal shape, they have offers being thrown their way that don't happen in other walks of life.

The latest offer of extra motivation comes from OnlyFans model Wanda Espinosa, who has more than a million followers on Instagram as well. She wants to see the Mexican National Team win the World Cup this year and sent a message to the team's goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.

Others have offered up free subscriptions to their content or promised a striptease should their favorite team make some moves. Not Wanda. Her offer is more of the up close and personal variety.

She made her special offer during a recent appearance on a podcast. Wanda said, "Memito, I'm going to take you so hard that you'll be happier than if we were world champions."

OnlyFans Models Are Some Of The Biggest Soccer Fans

I don't know what the odds are for Mexico this year nor do I know how they stack up with their 37-year-old goalkeeper. What is known is they haven't made it to the quarterfinal round since 1986.

Since 1986 it's probably a safe bet that their goalkeepers haven't received any offers quite like this one. Will that be enough to swing things in their favor? Time will tell.

It's why they play the games. Unfortunately, things aren't decided on paper or with how many offers from OnlyFans models a team has. It might make soccer more entertaining.

The World Cup begins for team Mexico on November 22 when they take on Poland.

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