OnlyFans Model Has M-Cup Boobs That Won't Stop Growing

Australian OnlyFans star Pamelia James, whose boobs have gone from a J-cup to an M-cup in just eight months, says she's been diagnosed with a rare condition called gigantomastia that's only affected 108 women ... since 2008.

James said she first noticed her usual bra stopped fitting nearly a year ago, and in the time since her chest has grown from 39 to 51 inches.

“At first it was fun and interesting to see how much they were growing, but recently I’ve grown to be uncomfortable, and I find myself wishing I had normal-sized breasts,” Pamelia told SWNS, adding that she also suffers from severe back pain.

OnlyFans content creator Pamelia James goes viral for condition called gigantomastia

My God. I'd imagine so.

To be honest, I didn't even know J and M-cups existed. I kinda figured we just universally stopped at D and that was that. Who knew the actual entire alphabet applied to bra sizes. Wild.

Anyway, James has not surprisingly amassed a huge following on social media, from Instagram - where she has over 65,000 followers - to TikTok, to her OnlyFans account.

The mother of one is now using her newfound fame to spread awareness of her condition, and says the feedback has been positive overall. Her Instagram reels routinely garner over 100,000 views, with one her first from November surpassing 600,000.

“It is very uncomfortable - they are so heavy, and I can be in a lot of pain,” said James, who hopes to get a breast reduction but admits there's no guarantee they won't just grow back.

"I struggle to find clothing to suit my bust, and I end up just wearing oversized T-shirts. There are very limited options for bigger-busted women, especially if you don’t want to have your cleavage on show.

“I feel very self-conscious when going out in public. If I wear something that is tight on my chest, I notice women giving me looks. I feel like I’m getting dirty looks for having such large breasts, so I tend to stay at home - my mental health has suffered from it.”

James said she went to a doctor last spring, and was diagnosed with the rare condition after months of confusion.

While she doesn't know what's causing the rapid growth - several factors cause the condition, including hormonal changes and medications -  the Aussie OnlyFans model said she's proud of the online awareness she's brought to it.

The crack research team at OutKick tells me that the hashtag #gigantomastia has over 21.5 million views on TikTok since she started posting her now-viral videos.

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