OnlyFans Model Confused By Men Who Won't Date Her But Label Her 'The Ideal Woman'

An OnlyFans model has taken to TikTok to share her confusion with men who refuse to date her. Billie Beever shares the recent discovery that despite being "the ideal woman" men seem to be hung up on her past.

So what in her past would keep men from their ideal woman? Well, it turns out that the 30-year-old didn't just jump on OnlyFans and land in the top 0.6% after leaving a boring career in teaching behind. No, Billie's path to the world of subscription-based platforms started in the adult industry.

The Australian's been working in the adult industry since the age of 18. According to the Daily Mail, she started as a nude waitress, then got into escorting before becoming a porn star. All of that, minus her work on OnlyFans, is behind her.

Billie said in the clip, "I just found out that apparently the reason why men can't date me. You know, they say they're my friends, they respect me, they care for me so much. They say like I'm the ideal woman, they talk me up..."

"But they say, 'I can't be with you because of your history and your past,'" she continued.

This completely caught her off-guard. She couldn't imagine why doing porn would have any affect on a potential partner today. She says, "We all have a past and we all have a history. The only difference is, I f*cking filmed mine! Mine's on camera."

"Does that make me not dateable? Seriously, yes or no. I mean, I get it, but I don't get it," she added while laughing.

Classic Tale Of An OnlyFans Model Looking For Love

Billie says that while the men aren't willing to date her because of her past they still would sleep with her. Very surprising, I know.

"Look we all have a past, right? If you want to use that past, and like, not be able to give me an opportunity or whatever, because of my past, because it's accessible for you and your mates to see, then that's a you problem, not a me problem," she concluded.

I'm no relationship expert or anything, but it seems as if Billie knows exactly why there are some men who aren't down with the whole porn star past.

Friends are one thing. Imagine having to explain your girlfriend's porn past to some in your family. Great-aunt Edna isn't going to be able to wrap her 85-year-old mind around it.

That doesn't mean she's not going to be able to find someone who is perfectly fine with her past and explaining that past to their family. Look, it's just not for everyone.

She's found a way to get people to subscribe to her OnlyFans despite a lot of her adult content being available for free on the internet. She'll figure this out too.