Omaha Steaks Jokingly Teases 'Yellowstone' Crossover

Omaha Steaks hasn't completely ruled out a "Yellowstone" crossover product.

Fans of the hit show were hit with the seventh episode of season five this past Sunday, and one of the plot points (SPOILERS!!!!!!) was the possibility of having the Dutton ranch get into sales directly to consumers.

In response to a tweet from OutKick and some friendly banter among fans, Omaha Steaks teased "Beth's Beef."

It's "tough but pairs well with vodka."

Honestly, it's a bit shocking that no steak company has come in with "Yellowstone" branded beef products. Imagine the amount of money that could be made.

"Yellowstone" is arguably the most popular show on TV. The ratings are huge, and the only series that really can compete is "House of the Dragon."

There's already a market and a dedicated fanbase.

Given my connections to the "Yellowstone" world, OutKick might have to pick up the phone, pitch some ideas and make a couple billion dollars along the way.

You're crazy if you think "Yellowstone" steaks wouldn't sell like hotcakes. Countless people would buy their favorite cut and grill it Sunday nights with a class of whiskey as they were hit with the intro music.

Omaha Steaks was clearly joking, but that doesn't mean it's not actually a brilliant idea. If Viacom - Paramount Network's parent company - ever wants to make a staggering amount of extra money, "Yellowstone" steaks would be a great start.

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