Olympic Pole Vaulter Alysha Newman Does Some Resting & Recovering In A Bikini In Miami

Olympic pole vaulter Alysha Newman's new year is off to a hot start. She vowed, after suffering a season ending injury last year, to go all in on 2023. By all in she made it clear that she was going to train hard, compete hard, and even model hard.

Newman has gone all in to start the year and the hard work is paying off. After taking some time to find her groove, and get her mojo back, she walked away as the World Athletics Indoor Tour champ in pole vaulting a couple of weeks ago.

Taking home the top position secured her an invitation to next year's World Athletics Indoor Championships in Glasgow. As well as a $10,000 bonus.

This is reason enough to get in some resting and recovering. Which Newman made time for this week back in Miami, where she likes to do her resting and her training.

The self-proclaimed Pole Vault Queen made carved out a little time for content creating as well. Both for Instagram and OnlyFans.

The gram showed the Miami skyline behind her as she relaxed in a bikini for her almost 600,000 followers. Her exclusive content shows a livestream announcement from a few days ago.

Alysha Newman Has Figured Out How To Take Her Game To The Next Level

In addition to her rest and recovery in Miami, Newman made it known that she's been getting in a little golfing with her time off. But it hasn't all been fun and games.

First and foremost, she's an Olympic level athlete. That means workouts on the track to keep her on top of her game are mandatory. They're also part of her rest and recovery schedule.

The caption from one of her Instagram posts earlier this year added a new mindset to her new all in approach. Her plan was to take last year's mindset of "I need to, I have to!" to "I want to, I get to!"

That new mindset with her new approach has paid off. The challenge anyone at the top of their game faces is to find a way to reach even new heights.

The early results are in and by all appearances, she's made it to new heights. Newman's competition has their work cut out.