Olivia Dunne Takes A Nasty Fall, Eats A Gymnastics Mat

It's been one hell of a run lately for LSU gymnastics star and social media influencer Olivia Dunne. The NIL queen had her position at the top of the name, image, and likeness valuation list confirmed. She also handed out an L to a Mississippi State football player on social media and has stepped up what has all of the telltale signs of jersey chasing with repeated content referencing Joe Burrow.

It might be that jersey chasing of the Bengals quarterback that has, temporarily at least, cooled her hot streak. Some of his struggles might have been transferred to her, because on Thursday she shared a gymnastics failure of hers on TikTok.

In the video Olivia captioned, "the mat did not taste good" she takes a nasty face first fall. She also admits, "I don't need to BeReal... I need to BeBetterAtGymnastics."

Take a look at the fall for yourself. Luckily everything is still in one piece, but you don't want to fall out of midair and land on your face too many times. That's for sure.

You Learn The Most From Failure

Unfortunately failure is a big part of athletics and it's a big part of jersey chasing. Especially when you focus on a guy who is struggling right now and has a girlfriend.

Burrow isn't even on social media right now he's down so bad. That will eventually change, but now is not the time.

However, much like I expect Burrow and the Bengals offense to figure things out, I expect Olivia to figure out the whole jersey chasing game.

Who knows? She might just set her sights on another jersey and find love along the way. Who wouldn't want to sit by her side as she rules over both the NIL and social media kingdoms?