Olivia Dunne Puts Her Tan Lines On Display

Olivia Dunne continues to absolutely shred on TikTok.

The popular social media personality and LSU athlete has been on an unstoppable bender recently. In just the past few weeks, she's made it clear she's in a country state of mind, but with the warm weather officially here, she's also ready for pool season.

That couldn't have been any clearer in a video shared Sunday night.

Olivia Dunne lights up TikTok with bikini video.

The OutKick fan favorite dropped a viral video putting her tan lines on display and claimed they're a perfect 10.

It didn't take long at all for the TikTok video to catch fire. It's just the latest example that Olivia Dunne can't be stopped.

At this point, it really feels like Olivia Dunne is out here running up the score on everyone else on the internet.

There's also the Cavinder twins, Breckie Hill and a handful of other super popular influencers, but Dunne is in a league of her own.

She's not only a standout gymnast for the LSU Tigers, but has a staggering 11.4 million followers between Instagram and TikTok.

Those are elite numbers. That's the kind of following none of her peers are even close to matching.

Dunne just won't slow down.

2022 was the most successful year of Dunne's career on the internet. She blew up, earned a staggering amount of NIL cash and made it clear she's not going anywhere.

Well, 2023 is one pace to absolutely crush what she did last year. At this point, everything she shares on TikTok easily cruises past the million views mark in a day or two.

Her cowgirl-themed outfit from a couple days ago is currently sitting at 3.3 million views. There's popular TV shows that don't get that kind of viewership.

Olivia Dunne simply doesn't know what it means to lose, and that's why the OutKick crowd can't get enough. The content bender continues, and it's here to stay. You can count on it.

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