Olivia Dunne Gives Out Free Life Advice To Student-Athletes

Yes, another Olivia Dunne blog.

Look, if the world's No. 1 ranked college athlete influencer is going to start handing out life advice for student-athletes, we're going to post that intel. If Olivia Dunne is going to be an absolute Google Trends MONSTER for days upon days -- she's literally the most-clicked college athlete of her generation -- then we're going to track her like CNN tracking Donald Trump.

We're going to put the OutKick i-Team in motion and pump out post after post because the statistics tell us this is the coverage you WANT and coverage you'll CLICK no matter how many times we pump out Dunne content.

Speaking of content, let's get into this. Dunne was asked on Instagram or TikTok -- it doesn't matter these days -- what advice she'd give to students-athletes. Simple question. I'm not sure why Olvia Dunne would need to give other student-athletes advice, but I'm in the content game. I don't honestly care if the premise of this content is flimsy.

Dunne responded:

That's absolutely pro-level advice for those who might be struggling with the student-athlete lifestyle.

Do you want to be like the world's No. 1 ranked student-athlete influencer or do you just want to be some below-average loser student-athlete? I suggest you start studying Dunne's three steps to success in the world of college athletics.

Look at No.1 on that list.

Routine. Find one.

If you party your ass off on Thirsty Thursday instead of studying? Then you need to just make that your routine and then mix in some basic studying on Sunday night to find a life balance. Stick to the schedule.

No. 2 seems simple. Party your ass off on off days. That's the way I read that one.

Dunne and her crew will be eating good this Friday in Denver where LSU will take part in the NCAA gymnastics regionals.

Eat up. Be a better student-athlete.

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