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Happy Mask Removal Day

Here I thought today would be another day where we talked sports, some pop culture and maybe something about real estate. Then the airline mask mandate thing was wiped out and things immediately changed things around here. It's going to be a full-on lib lib meltdown day as the worst of the worst lib lib lose their minds on flights all over the country.

There are going to be tears. There are going to be meltdown videos. There are going to be fights. There's going to be absolute chaos from those who were planning on keeping an airline mask mandate well beyond when we're all dead.

And it's not just masks on airplanes that have been wiped out. Masks inside airports have also been axed.

Us normal people will just go on with life. The lib libs are going to make a spectacle out of this and, as a content guy, I'm here for it.

But I could use your help. If you see a meltdown on social media, I need you to bring it to my attention. If you're on Instagram and you see some lib lib losing his/her mind and crying, I need you to tag me. If there's a great meltdown on Facebook, I need a screenshot of the fun.

Tag, tag, tag (@joekinseyexp)....or screenshot and email: joekinsey@gmail.com

Now bring back the boarding process cocktails in 1st class

I don't fly first class very often, but when I do, I prefer to get value out of that seat in the form of a boarding process cocktail. Then my buddies who fly all the time tell me that the boarding process cocktails were axed on Delta and I'm pretty sure it was some dumb COVID rule. I had to hear how these guys couldn't get a vodka before flying to India or to some golf tournament in California.

What other changes need to be made now that the mask rule has been wiped out? Did they get rid of blankets before COVID or was that a possible transmitter thing that the airlines threw out as 'VID mania went wild?

Aerating advice for Matt S. in Madison, WI

• Mark W. in Tennessee, who has one of the yards that drives TNML members nuts, writes:

I would recommend that Matt S. aerate first then fix/patch with topsoil. The aerator will destroy his patching. He can also put his seed down prior to running the aerator, which will drive his seed into the ground. That will save some time for him.

If the dog spots are from urine burning out the grass, treat them with some lime first to neutralize the acidity.

Gotta say, the TNML nation you have created is awesome.

• Mark in N. KY writes:


You should always aerate first. The major reason for aerating is to get oxygen to the roots while secondarily thatching the dead grass. Putting your topsoil over the poor areas after aerating and then placing your grass seed down is a good formula.

Reminder to place a good amount of grass seed down but don’t “choke” the areas with too much seed. The seed will not have room to germinate and grow properly. Finally, place a reasonable amount of straw over all the seed. Again, too much straw will not allow the sun to take affect properly. Keep the seed watered for the first 7-10 days and you should be on your way to a great patch work! Good luck and enjoy the thick new green grass.

• Reid S., the reader who is allowing heavy machinery to rip up his yard so the neighbor can get his dream pool, writes:

Matt S , Here are my suggestions. Lots of them haha

I’m on round 4 of this process as I do it every spring and fall to different sections of my yard.

First off, Fall is the best time of the year to do this as it gives your roots 2 seasons (fall & spring) to strengthen up before they have to endure a hot dry summer but it can be done in the spring. Just make sure you keep it wet this summer and know you may have a little fall time patch repair work to do.

Mow as low as you can before aerating (might take two mows) & collect or rake the grass clippings. You want to come as close to scalping the yard as possible.

Aerate & then Rake Up the Plugs, (some will say just leave those aeration plugs and they will break down overtime but they will never fully go away and you will always feel those little bumps under your feet, especially if you go out there barefoot) This job is NO FUN but Totally worth it.

Use your raked up plugs to fill in any holes or extra low spots in the yard. Then cover them with top soil, this area will try to dry out on you faster then the rest of the yard at first so keep an eye on it.

Spread your topsoil and rake it in multiple times to fill in those aeration holes. A hard plastic leaf rake works best. Then rake out and remove any clumps of dirt or rocks that made its way into the top soil, But why fill in the holes I just punched you might ask? The top soil going in isn’t as nearly compact as the plugs you just pulled.

Spread Seed, & starter fertilize, lightly rake in with leaf rake (the most satisfying part of the whole job, I imagine I am in a Japanese sand garden that you see masters on the old karate movies raking so perfectly) and then straw.

Roll the yard with a water filled hand roller you can rent from the same place you get the aerator, They are cheap ($12). This ensures great seed to soil contact which is essential for high germination rates.  (Some say roll before straw but the straw acts as a barrier between the seed and the roller and keeps any seed from sticking to the roller)

Keep the soil moist, no standing water and no overwatering. The seed sits on top the soil, until roots start to develop any water below the top surface isn’t helping your new seed or seedlings. Frequent light waterings 2-4 times a day is best, just don’t let it dry out…. Remember, anyone can grow grass with basic and lazy steps. What we are going for is a 90-95% germination rate, skipping steps can lower you all the way down to 40-50% which will still look decent, but is decent what you are going for?

THEN ENJOY THAT FIRST MOW IN A FEW WEEKS!! After the grass is looking good and it is not quite summer time spread the waterings out, letting the ground dry out some, this will make the roots spread wider and deeper in search of water and strengthen them up for the summer.

Mow multiple times a week if possible, cutting just the tips of grass blades causes the grass and roots to grow more (just like pruning a bush) I’m mowing every other day in the prime growing seasons! But I also love it!

In the fall I would scarify and overseed or wait until next spring and start a 3 step fertilization process. I prefer the over seed as a thick health lawn defeats weeds on its own for the most part. But don’t put any weed killer or preventer down until all grass is a year old.

Mark P. in Indiana needs tree advice

• Mark was the Hoosiers fan we cheered up back in early March:

Good morning Joe; after your great advice on March Madness and my Hoosiers; i thought i would give this a shot because i could use input from SCs group.  I have a huge oak tree in the front yard.  GREAT SHADE for the house but it hangs over my driveway; where i park my car; and neighbors driveway and add to that acorns and the great food source it provides squirrels and deer; it is becoming a pain in the ass. 

It is huge with a great expense to cut it down. Should i cut it down?  If i do can i replant a tree even with grinding the stump?  I like the shade and my house is west facing so get a lot of evening shade.  Appreciate the electric mower options as i am headed down that path as well.  Keep up the good work

TNML sticker placement

• Mark H. in Trenton, MI writes:

Good Afternoon Joe,

I thought you get a kick out my the Fridge in “The Garage”.   Note the TNML sticker proudly displayed by the PBR sticker.

I am a Michigan State Grad and you are a huge OSU Fan.  I like OSU except when we play each other and I tell my friends that my enemy’s enemy is my friend, thus my kinship with OSU due to our Hatred for Michigan.

Look below the sticker and the US Flag and you’ll see the World Famous Michigan Kid when MSU beat Michigan on the last play of the game with the “Trouble with the Snap” game in 2015.   I love it !!!

It is a postcard from my anti-Michigan friend and he used this as his Christmas card that year to send to all his Michigan friends.

Happy Spring !!!!


On having fun in America

• Tom Q. in Wisconsin writes:

Love the screencaps community. I'm a loyal reader and TNML member. Unfortunately, we have not had our opening day yet here in Waukesha,Wi. Just woke up to a couple of inches of snow this morning. Looks like opening day will be delayed a few weeks. Very pissed to be honest.

I can't wait for the smell of cut grass and garage beers. Love to hear about the community’s stories of fun events people attend and come up with. I want to tell you about an annual Ice Golf Tournament my buddy Rick puts on usually the weekend before the SuperBowl. We are mostly all retired Firefighters from Milwaukee and along with our wives and older adult children we have a blast participating.

Rick shovels off snow to create a 12 hole Ice Golf course complete with hole flags and tee box markers on Okauchee Lake. All you need is a tennis ball, few irons and a putter. Shotgun start. Typical golf outing stuff like longest putt, longest drive and closest to pin on some holes. Prizes for low score and highest score in mens and womens division.

Winners receive a Blue Jacket (or whatever color he can find at goodwill) with the Okauchee Lake Ice golf patch attached (see pic of me and my wife, who won the women's division last year).

It’s great to get together with my retired brothers for some day drinking (garage beers on frozen lake) trash talking and Firefighting stories. Thanks for the forum for hard working God fearing American patriots. The Real America is alive and well. Thanks for all you do, Tom Q


This is what I'm talking about. FUN! Finding your FUN! Having FUN. It is our duty as Screencaps readers to show our fellow Americans how to have FUN and that FUN is going on all across this great country. The news wants to bring us down, make us fight with each other and have us believe that we can't have FUN in life.

Screw them and their blue checkmarks. This country is full of people just like Tom Q. and his firefighter buddies in Wisconsin.

Sidenote: It's no wonder people in Wisconsin like to party. Imagine those garage festivals when the fellas in the neighborhoods are able to take off the bib overalls for the first time in the spring.

On Croatia

• Richie & Christy from Istrian-Italian Travel write:

Joe, Thanks for giving Croatia a shoutout this morning. I read your Morning Screencaps every day. Back in 2016, my wife and I fell in love with Istria - a part of Croatia not many Americans know about but has quickly become a European hot spot. Since our hometown of Charleston is such a foodie town, we decided to build a gourmet tour business around truffle hunting and learning how to properly taste olive oil. Istria used to be a part of Italy but now it is Croatia’s best-kept secret.

If any of your readers are looking to go to Croatia, we would be happy to talk to them. We like to say we bring the southern hospitality to the Balkan experience.

Keep up the great content, brother!


It's always interesting to hear from people after something catches their eyes in this column. Monday, I included a photo of Croatia in the travel section and that leads to this comment. I first started including Croatia in Screencaps approximately 10 days ago after spending over an hour on the phone with OutKick T-shirt Guy Ronnie who couldn't stop telling me about how his much he's in love with traveling to Croatia.

Guys, dare I say Croatia is hot right now? From the sound of things, it's the hottest international travel destination of 2022. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And with that, I think we're ready to roll this morning. By the way, Monday's Screencaps might have set an all-time record for one-day Screencaps traffic. Are you guys throwing Screencaps into group texts? I cannot figure out where all this traffic is coming from, but I'll take it.

Have a great day. Keep spreading the Screencaps gospel. Let's keep it rolling.

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