Nick Saban Is Now Turning Alabama Long Snappers Into Hollywood Stars

Nick Saban's next (final?) act is apparently producing movie stars. Or, in the case of Brandon Tyler Moore, very good TV actors!

Moore, a former long snapper and two-time national champion for Saban and the Crimson Tide, is absolutely flourishing in Hollywood as an up-and-coming actor who's already starred in a couple big time roles.

You learn something new every day!

The former Alabama snapper took center stage earlier this week in the latest Law and Order episode, and is also quickly becoming known for a breakout role on Paramount's Mayor of Kingstown, which my sources at IMBD say could become a "recurring" role.

Seems like a pretty decent gig!

Brandon Tyler Moore, former Alabama long snapper, stars in Law and Order, Mayor of Kingstown

Moore, 29, arrived in Tuscaloosa as an offensive lineman back in 2012, but later lost 100 pounds and transitioned to long snapper.

He graduated in May of 2017 with a pair of national titles and a degree in Consumer Science to his name, but decided to give acting a go after grabbing his diploma.  

The former snapper spent months on a friend's couch after graduating, but eventually landed a gig in the TLC movie, “Brides, Grooms And Emergency Rooms."

Admittedly, I've never seen it. Don't even know what TLC is. BUT, I'm all in!

"I learned from Coach Saban that sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do to succeed in life," Moore told WVTM 13.

Poetry, from Nick Saban!

Anyway, years later, Moore is now on the fast track to Hollywood. He's got a cushy gig as a police officer on Mayor of Kingstown, is set to appear in the movie “Condors Nest” next week, and recently played a starring role in Law and Order, which I had no idea was still going on.

According to WVTM 13, Moore plays Jessie Erickson - a high school heartthrob - in the latest episode, which was shot in New York City back in November.

"The entire episode is based on my character,” he added. "I owe so much to Coach Saban. I’m so thankful that my dream is coming true.”

What a time to be alive.

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