Nick Bosa's Ex-Girlfriend Continues To Live Her Best Life

Jenna Berman is starting off 2023 with some strong vibes.

Berman recently split from San Francisco 49ers star Nick Bosa, but you'd hardly know she went through a breakup by looking at her social media.

The Instagram sensation started 2023 with a bang by soaking up a little sun while outside. If she's down in the dumps as a single woman, she's doing an amazing job of hiding it.

Jenna Berman continues to bring only positive vibes.

For a lot of people breakups are difficult. We all know this. You invest time, passion, energy and then you have to move on.

It's not fun. However, you have two choices. You can either pout and feel bad about the situation. That's option one (not recommended). Nobody likes taking that option.

Or, you can crank up the vibes and start crushing it. It's clear Berman chose option two and is just rolling with it. That's the kind of attitude and spirit that beat the British and put a man on the moon.

Not only is Jenna Berman having herself a time on Instagram, but she also recently dropped a Margot Robbie impression that was spot-on.

Honestly, it was probably more impressive than anything Nick Bosa did all season long, and the 49ers have had a solid year.

Berman has a fresh slate in front of her for 2023, and judging from the early returns, it looks like she's in for a banner 12 months.

There's no doubt she'll continue to be a content star for the internet.

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