Jenna Berman Pulls Off Flawless Margot Robbie Impression

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Jenna Berman appears to be living her best life.

The popular social media star recently split from 49ers star Nick Bosa, but she’s not letting the negative energy of a breakup disrupt her life.

Berman shared a viral TikTok video of herself pulling off a Margot Robbie impression with audio from “The Wolf of Wall Street,” and it was definitely on point.

Break ups can be hard. I’m not sharing anything new with you all. We all know it. When you split from a person, you have two choices.

You can sit around and sulk or you can get back to swinging for the fences. Are you an optimistic or pessimistic person? The answer to that question will likely determine how you handle adversity.

Given the fact Berman is out here dropping viral TikTok videos of herself impersonating Margot Robbie, what kind of attitude do we think she has?

The answer is obvious. She’s not slowing down for one second. Nick Bosa is in the rearview mirror, and she’s out there dropping content for clout.

What’s not to love?

Jenna Berman drops viral Margot Robbie impression video. (Credit: TikTok Video Screenshot/

If you’ve never seen “The Wolf of Wall Street,” you’re missing out. Without a doubt one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best films. I literally just started rewatching it the other day. It’s every bit as good as it was when it premiered in 2013. Is Berman as great as Robbie is throughout the film? Tough to say, but it’s certainly a conversation worth entertaining.

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