New York Times' Credibility Takes Another Hit: John Fetterman Makes Most Stylish List

The New York Times can't help but repeatedly kneecap its credibility and this time it did it by naming Pennsylvania senator-elect John Fetterman to its "93 Most Stylish 'People' of 2022" list.

Style icon John Fetterman has joined the likes of Mary J. Blige, Ben Affleck, and Dua Lipa on the list.

Let's hear them out. Maybe Fetterman truly is a style icon and this isn't some political ass-kissing to try to justify his election victory when he is clearly not in shape to handle the job?

Here is what The New York Times said about Fetterman's style:

"The senator-elect from Pennsylvania is going to bring Carhartt to the Capitol," the list says., wearing sweatshirts is enough to make the list?

In that case, congratulations to all of us on being worthy of making the New York Times "Most Stylish" list.

Although would you want your name on this abomination?

Personally, I like the idea of our politicians having to gussy themselves up while at the Capitol. Is that too much to ask? They're making laws not boarding a Southwest flight.

Also, if wearing sweatshirts and being tall is enough to make someone a star in the Democratic party, they're completely out of ideas.

Polices, be damned, our guy wears sweatshirts just like you!

The New York Times' list — like so many other lists — is a complete joke, and not just because Fetterman is on it (though that's a major reason).

The word "People" is in quotes because their list isn't limited to people. The James Webb Space Telescope, Mark Zuckerberg's avatar, and spotted lanternflies — an invasive insect that destroys plants — all made the list.

And why a list of 93? Why not stop at 50 or make up 7 other lazy entries and get this puppy to a nice round 100?

The reason is anyone's guess.

Although, the real reason could be that staff members had to run out and picket.

Here, I'll help the Times hit the century mark:

See? Easy, and every one of those is just as stylish as John Fetterman.

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