New 'House Of The Dragon' Preview Shows Major Clues

The upcoming "House of the Dragon" episode looks like it's going to be very chaotic.

The fifth episode of the "Game of Thrones" prequel series aired Sunday night on HBO, and it continued the strong momentum we've seen all season long.

Now, the preview for episode six is out and offers some substantial clues about what's coming. Fire it up below, and dive right in.

SPOILERS: There's a significant "House of the Dragon" time jump.

As you can tell from the preview for episode six, fans are going to experience a very significant time jump from where we left off in episode five.

The end of the last episode saw all hell break loose during Rhaenyra and Laenor's wedding. Her protector and secret lover Criston murdered Laenor's closet boyfriend Joffrey by smashing his head apart.

Now, it's very unclear what's coming next, but what is clear is that we're going to get catapulted into the future.

Viserys appears to be clinging to life by a thread, Rhaenyra appears to have at least one child (maybe three?), Prince Aegon appears to be a teenager and Daemon seems to have gotten very close with Laena Velaryon.

That means the time jump is probably at least 13 years. The kingdom is on the brink and as suggested in previous episodes, blood will be shed when Viserys dies and a succession plan has to be implemented.

Through five episodes, "House of the Dragon" has been great. The preview for episode six promises to keep up the tempo and energy.

Make sure to keep checking back to OutKick for all the "HoD" info as we have it. We're far from being done with the chaos and carnage.

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