Nebraska HVAC Company Is 'Floored' By Decoldest Crawford Commercial Reaction & Viral Video Analytics

While big multi-national brands have been blowing money left and right on college sports NIL deals, the big winner this summer is none other than previously unknown family-owned SOS Heating and Cooling in Omaha, Nebraska with its 'Decoldest' project.

This summer, SOS hired Nebraska Cornhuskers freshman wide receiver Decoldest Crawford to serve as talent in radio and TV commercials that will run during NFL and college football games with the idea that a play on his first name would resonate.

Five days after releasing the company's first commercial with Decoldest, the company has racked up 5.7 million Twitter views and, as company spokesman Jake Wasikowski tells OutKick, the phone is ringing off the hook from people wanting SOS merchandise and their own NIL deals.

To date, SOS has seen 360k impressions on its initial Twitter post; 55,000 engagements and nearly 6,000 profile visits for a company that wasn't exactly crawling in social media visits before Decoldest came to town. The only number SOS is focused on is the nearly six million people who've seen the 30-second spot.

"We're floored by the reaction," Wasikowski said Tuesday while adding customers four states away are ready to buy equipment from the company.

In a twist straight out of 2022 and a sports world where college athletes can now make money on the side via the Name, Image and Likeness policy the NCAA instituted in late June 2021, SOS is one of the hottest NIL sponsors like Nike, Gatorade, and the rest of the big dogs.

"Kids see that we're sponsoring for NIL and they are reaching out to see if we want to sponsor them too," Wasikowski adds.

For now, SOS is set in the talent department. They have the hottest -- or coldest if you will -- commercial in the United States and have surged to unimaginable numbers. Keep in mind, the commercial spots haven't even started running on Omaha outlets.

Now for the bad news.

Decoldest suffered a knee injury during the Huskers' fall camp and head coach Scott Frost says the freshman wide receiver will "be out for an extended period of time." Some outlets are saying Crawford will miss the season.

That doesn't change a thing with the SOS deal. Decoldest will get his money and support from the company.

"Hurt or not, we're sticking with DeColdest," Wasikowski added. "We're excited to go on this journey with him."

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