NCAA Women's Tickets Are Going For BIG BUCKS While The Men... Not So Much

Don't look now but the NCAA Women are on an absolute tear right now on the college hoops scene.

With the rise of Iowa guard Caitlin Clark's fierce dominance, suddenly more people are talking about women's basketball - even more than the men!

You don't have to believe me, just look at how people vote the best - with their wallet.

A single ticket for Sunday night's NCAA Women's Final between Iowa and LSU is now $450 on StubHub. That price is BEFORE fees so get ready to throw down more.

Yes, for what will certainly cost you over $500 in the end, a basketball fan can watch the women's Championship at Dallas's American Airlines Arena from this view. It's like your RIGHT there!


The high ticket price perhaps comes as even more of a shock when you compare it to just how cheap the Men's Finals are.

As of present writing, to get into Monday night's Men's Final it will cost you... wait for it... $40.

If you think that it's so cheap because we still don't know who will actually be in the Final, well you're wrong.

Tonight's Final Four tickets are going for as low as $50. And once again, the numbers don't lie.


There's no doubt that the women's tournament has been much more competitive and fun to watch than the guys. Maybe it's just me, but for some reason I don't feel like there is a TON of buzz this year surrounding the Men's tournament as much as previous years. And when you add in the fact that nearly everyone's brackets were busted in the first two days and that all the big names are out, one can understand why the men's tickets are so much less than the women's.

The women have also been able to deliver in the ratings. Last weekend's Elite Eight games had more viewers than any NBA game on ESPN this season. Wild when you truly think about it.

It will be interesting to see what the Finals ratings are, for both. Could we see the LSU - Iowa women actually defeat whatever men's matchup we get from Florida Atlantic, San Diego State, Miami and UConn? Perhaps not but it can't go unsaid that this year the men's tournament doesn't seem to be bringing in the casual basketball fan.

Meanwhile the women, well they at least still have Caitlin Clark.