NBA Broadcaster Makes Rape Joke On Live TV

NBA broadcaster Tim Hardaway Sr. dropped an unbelievably uncomfortable rape comment Monday night.

During the 132-95 win for the Warriors, Jakob Poeltl got a bit physical with Steph Curry, and that's when Hardaway foolishly decided to cut it loose with a rape reference.

"So, you thought that was great D? I thought that was just raping him ... I think you should call the police on that," Hardaway, who played in the NBA, told viewers.

Tim Hardaway Sr. had to apologize.

As expected, it didn't take Hardaway long to apologize for what he'd said and he ultimately walked back the comment.

"Hey everybody, I used a poor choice of words earlier in the broadcast. I want to apologize for that. You know, let’s get back to the game and let’s finish this game off with a 30-point win and go home happy," Hardaway told people watch the TV broadcast.

Naturally, people are going to be enraged about this, and it simply wasn't a smart thing to do. Should he be canceled and never allowed to work again?

Absolutely not. That'd be crazy, even though there's bound to be a pressure campaign. Ruining lives over dumb comments doesn't help anyone.

Having said that, a little more common sense would likely be wise for Tim Hardaway. Sporting events are supposed to be for viewers of all ages, especially kids.

If you find yourself making a rape joke during an NBA game, you should probably take a step back and reconsider.

It's just not a smart thing to do at all. People are tuning in for the game. Not to hear a former NBA player turned broadcaster drop awkward rape comments.

He apologized, hopefully he learned from it and it's now time to move on. No point in burying a guy just because he said something very stupid on live TV.

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