Most Embarrassing Stadium Proposal Fail Ever, Or Elaborate Hoax? You Decide

There's a general rule of thumb of which anyone in my generation is familiar: don't believe anything you seen on the Internet. Maybe it's everything instead of anything, but I've always followed the latter and it has worked for me. Especially regarding a stadium proposal. And the New York Islanders.

With that as the backdrop, I present to you either a needlessly elaborate hoax at an Islanders game, or the worst stadium proposal in the history of stadium proposals. And that's a high bar to clear. For those who aren't aware, stadium proposals are insanely common. And supremely tacky, but that's for another article -- and probably another OutKick writer -- to address.

The story goes that during the Islanders season opener on Thursday night, a man planned to propose to his girlfriend on the UBS Arena Kiss Cam. So far, so cliche.

Everything was set up, including the Islanders mascot being in on the plan. But this is where it starts to go wrong. Or does it?

The tweet really says it all, but this is 2022 and as the great Charlie Kelly says, "Only seeing is believing, right?"

Fans at the game were quick to reply to Rosen's tweet with video evidence of it all going down. First, we have a fan who was sitting across the arena but had a great angle of the Jumbotron.

So the arena camera cuts away before the alleged walk-away and just goes right back to live game action. But thankfully, there was someone seated just a few rows up from the action who caught it all.

Naturally, the Internet has learned that the Internet is a liar. No one believed that this actually happened the way it was purported to have happened.

If it is fake, which seems to be the consensus, it raises a lot of other questions. Like, who thinks this is good in-arena entertainment? Also, the Jumbotron cuts away before she actually leaves, so that makes the "Islanders were in on it" even more dubious. But it is the Islanders, so they need to try to make these games as exciting as possible. And you usually don't get excitement on the ice.

If this is a pair of people who pull this stunt at random events, I need them to get a life. Who wakes up one day and is like "You know what would be a good use of time and money? Fake proposing at sporting events."

Not to mention you have to buy tickets to the game and hockey ain't cheap. Although, at least it was the Islanders so it couldn't have been that bad.

But hey, maybe we're all just cynics and it was actually real. If so, you gotta feel for that guy. Well, maybe. If you choose to propose shirtless at a sporting event you kinda deserve to get what you get.

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