Morgan Wallen Drops Fire 36-Track Album 'One Thing At A Time'

Morgan Wallen's fastball is as fast as ever, and he proved it with his new album "One Thing at a Time."

Wallen has become the face of country music in America, and for good reason. The man is a star. All he does is drop hits.

Despite efforts to cancel him, Wallen is more popular than ever. He can't do anything without generating a ton of attention. When he announced Thursday he was having a free concert in Nashville, a mob ascended on Bridgestone Arena to get tickets.

Yeah, the efforts to cancel him failed in spectacular fashion, and now his newest album is out.

Morgan Wallen has another hit with "One Thing at a Time."

Wallen's first two studio albums - "If I Know Me" and "Dangerous: The Double Album" - both went platinum many times over.

With just two albums, he ascended to the top of the music mountain. With "One Thing at a Time" he will only further cement his position.

It's loaded with 36 songs, and through an initial listen, it's absolutely awesome. Wallen's music is best described in my humble opinion as beer drinking music that is perfect for a campfire with great friends.

Never stray from what works, and Wallen definitely didn't hear. You can put on "One Thing at a Time," grab some cold Busch Light or Budweiser and just fade away and let the music take over.

While it's hard to pick one song that is truly the best, it's hard to argue any song is better than "Tennessee Fan," which dropped a few months back.

However, seeing as how there are 36 songs, opinions might change with time.

Wallen just can't miss.

When Morgan Wallen announced he was dropping a new album, excitement immediately jumped off the charts.

When it was revealed "One Thing at a Time" would have 36 tracks, I think people were understandably curious how that would work out. Again, I've only dived in so far this morning, but the early reaction is awesome.

Morgan Wallen has proved time and time that he's THAT dude when it comes to country music. "One Thing at a Time" just further proves he's untouchable. His last two albums blew up, and his third one will 100% do the same.

Some quick bangers to listen to that really stood out:

There's truly not a bad song on "One Thing at a Time." Once again, Morgan Wallen smashed a home run. The dude is unstoppable, and that's great news for country music fans.

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