More UFO Drama? Mysterious Lights Allegedly Filmed Over California

Once again, we have more mysterious video footage that might show a little UFO action.

As OutKick's most loyal readers know, UFOs have caught America's attention and only grow popular with every passing day.

The Chinese spy balloon and multiple other shoot downs of unknown objects only elevated interest. Now, we have another alleged incident captured on video.

Has more UFO footage surfaced?

In a YouTube clip shared by UFO Sightings Daily, multiple large lights appear to be floating in the air over Menifee, California.

"Eyewitness states: Strange lights over Menifee, Ca. Moved slow and appeared and disappeared , they seemed to become one then disappeared and one would reappear and the up to four. This happened about three times before disappearing into the clouds," the post's description claims.

You can watch the video below, and decide for yourself what you think might be going on.

What is going on?

I'll be the first to admit that this looks pretty real, but when dealing with stuff like this, you always have to be careful. The only footage to completely trust, in my humble opinion, is that captured on military radar and cameras.

Having said that, there might be a reasonable explanation here. Menifee is under 120 miles from Edwards Air Force Base.

With zero traffic issues, you could get there in less than two hours. It's also roughly 75 miles away from San Diego to the south. You know what the United States has in San Diego?

Enough firepower to start a war. With the air assets between Edwards Air Force Base and attached to the navy in San Diego, you could flatten a country. A ton of testing is also done at Edwards. Is it possible this was a training exercise or something like that?

It's definitely possible. As I often say, there's a better chance it's our own gear over little green aliens flying around.

What might these lights have been? Give us your theories in the comments below.

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