More 'Evidence' That Aaron Rodgers And Mallory Edens Are Dating

The relationship rumors between Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Milwaukee Bucks heiress Mallory Edens heated up this week. The rumors started after the two were spotted courtside at a Bucks game in early December.

This wasn't the first time Rodgers and Edens had taken in a Bucks game sitting next to each other. But it was Rodgers' 39th birthday and there were no signs of his other rumored girlfriend Blu of Earth.

Those Rodgers-Edens rumors had gasoline poured on them when a source revealed, "Mallory Edens has had her eye on Aaron Rodgers for a very long time. Mallory has always wanted to be in the public eye. It looks like she might’ve found her ticket."

"Mallory was at the Packers last game, and she was supporting her new boyfriend and favorite team by wearing their gear. Nothing says I'm all in like throwing on your boyfriend's teams' gear."

A picture of Edens hanging out with a couple of the wives of Packers players accompanied what the source had claimed. The picture was shared by Randall Cobb's wife Aiyda.

More "evidence" of their relationship surfaced with a video of the two sharing candy courtside last month. Another tip was shared with the gossip Instagram page Deuxmoi.

The tipster revealed that Rodgers and Edens bought a Christmas tree together a couple of days before the holiday. The tipster said, "Aaron Rodgers is dating the Milwaukee Bucks owner. They bought a Christmas tree together."

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They followed up that initial claim with some clarification, "Oh sorry. He's dating the owner's daughter. They came in a few days before Christmas to buy one."

"Sorry, Deux! I left out the most important detail haha. Mallory Edens."

Sharing candy and buying Christmas trees together? That sounds like the makings of a relationship to me.

TMZ Sports claims to have confirmed that they are dating, although they haven't heard back from the pair's reps. This could explain the lack of Blu of Earth sightings in Green Bay.

The Packers are 5-0 since Rodgers spent his birthday courtside with Edens. Coincidence?