Mississippi State Football Player Is Down Bad After Taking Two Ls In One Day, Getting Shot Down By Olivia Dunne

Mississippi State safety Jordan Morant is down bad. The redshirt sophomore took two major Ls in one day last weekend, but he is taking it in stride.

Morant, who was a four-star recruit in the Class of 2020, originally committed to Michigan. He spent two years with the Wolverines before transferring south to join the SEC over the summer.

After making his debut with the Bulldogs in a Week 1 win, Morant decided to shoot his shot prior to Week 3. Mississippi State traveled to Baton Rouge, home of LSU.

It is also home to Olivia Dunne— better known to many as 'Livvy.'

The Tigers gymnast is ridiculously famous on social media, with 2.1 million followers on Instagram and six million followers on TikTok. Dunne is amongst the most profitable non-football players in the NCAA when it comes to Name, Image and Likeness opportunities and has quickly become a household name.

If you aren't familiar, she is a huge deal.

While in Louisiana, Jordan Morant decided to see what was good with Olivia Dunne.

He posted a video looking out from his hotel room to TikTok. The caption read "When we play LSU tomorrow and Livy Dunne is out there somewhere."

First of all, maybe if Morant spelled Livvy right, he would have fared better. Secondly, he is on the opposing team. He never stood a chance, but that didn't stop him from sending it.

The next day, which was game day, Olivia Dunne replied, which was a win. But she shut him down, which was the first of two Ls.

"good luck but geaux tigahs!:)" she commented.

Not long thereafter, Mississippi State lost by 15 to LSU and Morant did not make the box score. That was the second of two Ls.

He was able to laugh it off, though.

Credit to Morant for standing in there and taking the jabs, instead of deleting the video and running for the hills. Hopefully things go better for him against Bowling Green this weekend!