Mike Tyson Spotted With Robert Kraft, Awkward Fist Bump Ensues

The New England Patriots were in South Florida to take on the Miami Dolphins and Robert Kraft made the trip with them.

He was spotted in a box alongside a special guest, none other than Mike Tyson.

Iron Mike was hanging with the Pats owner (who may or may not be sitting on top of a stack of phone books) chatting and sharing a spectacularly awkward series of fist bumps.

Kraft went with the hand pat and Tyson countered with the initial fist-bump which clearly caught Kraft off-guard.

Then it just turned into a mess of hands mashing together every which way. Quite frankly, from a handshake/fist-bump perspective, it was a disaster, but in fairness, they didn't realize they were being broadcast to millions.

There's no doubt that they make for a bit of an odd combo, but the mere sight of them together scrambled some peoples' brains.

Whether they're buds from way back or not, If you're Robert Kraft, having Mike Tyson in your luxury suite is a big street cred move.

And he's going to need that after all of us at home caught an eye-full of that fist-bump debacle.

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