Microsoft Executives Picked The Worst Time To Have A Private Sting Concert

If ever there was a bad time to hold a private Sting concert, Microsoft top-brass found it.

Some of the company's top executives were in Davos, Switzerland which is playing host to the World Economic Forum.

So, the company thought this would be a fitting occasion to pony up enough bread to book Sting for a private show that was only open to about 50 people.

There's nothing terribly wrong with that unless the next day you announce plans to lay off as many as 10,000 employees.

They couldn't possibly have been that dense, could they?

The answer, perhaps unsurprisingly, is yes.

The day after the concert, Microsoft announced plans to lay off around 10,000 employees.

Microsoft is by no means the only tech company to announce layoffs. Amazon has also announced that 18,000 layoffs are on the way. Just this week, Vox announced that it was cutting 7% of its workforce which included most of their SB Nation NHL sites.

The key difference is they didn't hold a private Sting concert before announcing them.

At least, not that we're aware of...

Hopefully, Sting played mostly hits. Both with the Police and solo. And not the crappy lute versions.

If Microsoft threw away thousands on that, it would be especially offensive to their soon-to-be-former employees.

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