Mattress Mack Uses Wheelbarrow To Transport $10 Million In Cash From Winning Astros Bets

Houston furniture owner and one of America's most popular sports bettors Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale left Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Thursday night, rolling out with $10 million CASH in a wheelbarrow.

The famed Houston bettor hit multiple bets on the Houston Astros to win this year's World Series. In total, Mack collected $72.6 million.

Talk about the ultimate power move.

Imagine having no idea who Mack is and just being in Vegas this week. All of a sudden you're at the airport and there is some old dude walking on the tarmac with a damn WHEELBARROW full of a ton of money with everyone looking at him.

Me? I'd have ex-SWAT officers surrounding me as if I was carrying the President's nuclear football.


McIngvale collected $40 million of his $72.6 million earnings after the Astros defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in 6 games of the World Series.

First, he went to Caesars Palace to collect a $30 million check for a $3 million bet he placed in May at 10-1 odds the Astros would win.

He then headed to the ARIA Resort and Casino to collect the $10 million from a $2 million wager he placed in July at 5-1 odds. Mack went up to the casino cage around 3am, and asked for the massive winnings in cash.

Next stop was a Las Vegas airport where he loaded the stacks of cash into a wheelbarrow and rolled it over to his private plane before heading back to Houston.

“I’d never seen that much money. But you only live once. So I decided to go take a swing at it and fly home with all that cash," McIngvale told the Las Vegas Review Journal.


McIngvale has made headlines in recent years for his massive sports bets placed on various teams.

He is also the owner of Gallery Furniture, and regularly ties in promotions based on his sports bets. In this instance, any customer who spent $3,000 or more on selected mattresses would receive their purchase back if the Astros won the World Series.

Fortunately for Mack, he will have no problem refunding the customers.

He is expected to collect the rest of his winnings from the other sportsbooks at a separate time.

And just like a diehard gambler trying to double up their money on roulette before they head to bed... McIngvale isn't going to stop after his massive $70+ million payday.

He's already told customers to get ready for next year's World Series bet.