Mandy Rose Released By WWE After Reported Exclusive Content Leak

Mandy Rose's shot at history wasn't meant to be. After dominating her competition - including kicking ass and looking good doing so - for 413 straight days as the WWE NXT Women's Champion, her run came to an end during Tuesday night's episode of NXT.

She lost her title to 21-year-old Roxanne Perez, who made her NXT debut nine months ago. The loss came just four days short of Rose surpassing Shayna Baszler for the second longest NXT title run by a woman.

Following what can only be described as an unexpected loss to Perez came more unexpected news. The WWE released Rose from her contract.

While Rose's release hasn't been publicly addressed, there are several sites reporting that it has to do with exclusive content of hers that was leaked. Some of that content reportedly includes nudity.

There have been conflicting reports as to what exclusive content platform the 32-year-old's content leaked from. One platform that has been mention is FanTime, an OnlyFans competitor.

Rose is said to have a page on FanTime that offers subscriptions for $40. There's also other NSFW services reportedly offered. These kinds of platforms, even streaming services and cameo, have long been against the WWE's policy.

Mandy Rose Is Down, But Not Out

Some of the content said to have been leaked is of Rose naked in a swimming pool. For obvious reasons you're not going to see that type of stuff here.

Rose hasn't directly addressed the news, but gave her fans a a thank you on Twitter. She also responded to several fans who congratulated her on her incredible title run.

You hate to see it, but Rose will be just fine. She has millions of fans, some of which are apparently forking out $40 a month to see her naked.

She likely will be out of action for a few months due to the WWE's 90-day non-compete clause. But don't be surprised if she eventually makes her way to one of the WWE's competitors.

Several of the WWE's competitors don't have the same rules when it comes to the selling exclusive content side hustle.