Mandy Rose Confirms Rumor About Rating Her Fans' Junk

Mandy Sacs, aka Mandy Rose, has been really busy since being let go by the WWE. She's pumping out content - both safe for work and not safe for work - and talking about what she's been up to since her time with the wrestling organization came to an end.

During an appearance Tuesday on The Sessions with Renée Paquette, she explained the details behind losing her title and being fired by the WWE. Rose also got into the success she's had since being shown the door and what goes down in her FanTime DMs.

What goes down on FanTime includes rating dick pics. Paquette explained that she had heard rumors that Rose was handing out the ratings on her exclusive content site and asked Rose about it.

Rose confirmed the rumor. She said, "Oh, you caught me for a loop on that one. I was not expecting that. It is a thing, I will say that. It's definitely a thing, it's crazy."

"I mean...we all get them in the DMs, so you know what?," she explained. "I might as well make the most of it."

That's the perfect approach to this. If you can monetize it, do it. As busy rating junk makes a person Rose still finds time for other revenue stream endeavors. She has a vegan makeup line as well as a donut business that take her away from the DMs from time to time.

Despite being blown away by the success of her FanTime, and raking in more than $1 million since leaving the WWE, she hasn't closed the door on her wrestling career. She's certainly opened to returning to the ring.

The Fun She's Having With The NSFW DMs Hasn't Kept Her From Considering A Return To The Ring

A future in the AEW might be in the cards. The WWE competitor doesn't have the same strict rules when it comes to having an exclusive content following. Reuniting with some other former WWE wrestlers is also intriguing to her.

When the podcast was wrapping up, Rose was asked about reuniting with Saraya and Dustin Rhodes and admitted that it would be nice to work with them again. She said, "I have a few little old schools that we could reunite."

When asked directly about returning to the ring she said, "I haven't ruled it out for sure. It's not like the boots are hung up and stuff."

"It's not like that but right now, it's not my main focus but just right now, it's not my main focus but definitely for the future, maybe. We'll see."

Rose's main focus right now is the content game. Her work on social media recently has highlighted that fact perfectly. It's all been behind the scenes looks and next level promotion.