Man Sentenced For Shooting At Kids Who Threw Snowballs At His Car

For anyone wondering how many years in prison you get in Milwaukee for shooting at kids who throw snowballs at your car, the answer is 16. Prosecutors were hoping for a 25 year sentence.

William Carson found that out firsthand on Friday. A judge sentenced him to 16 years in prison plus ten years of supervised release for a 2020 shooting where he opened fire on kids who threw snowballs at his car.

In November, he was found guilty on two counts of first-degree reckless injury and five counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety.

Carson's car was hit by snowballs thrown by seven children on Jan. 4, 2020. He turned around then got out of his car with a gun. As the children fled he opened fire on them. Three of them were hit with bullets.

After the shooting, he got back in his car and drove away. Of the three hit with gunfire, one was shot in the thigh, one in the arm, and the third's jacket was grazed by the bullet. Luckily, nobody was killed.

A few days later, Carson was arrested following a high-speed chase. Police say he was under the influence at the time of his arrest and in possession of a gun. Tests on the gun revealed that it was "highly probable" that it was the gun used in the shooting of the kids.

Carson had reportedly purchased the gun just 11 days prior to the shooting. He said he bought the gun for self-defense and no one else had possession of it.

Shooting At Kids For Any Reason Will Land You Behind Bars

In court Friday, Carson spoke and asked for leniency, ironically because he misses his own kids. He said, "I'm asking you for leniency in my sentencing. I am asking for mercy in my sentencing."

He added, "I miss my family. I miss my kids."

It's tough out there when kids can't even have a little fun by throwing snowballs at cars. That's the world we live in. Hit a car with snowballs be prepared for gunfire.

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