'Magically Delicious' Donna D'Errico Sports Green Lingerie For St. Patrick's Day

If there was any doubt about Donna D'Errico's ability as a hit maker she put those to rest on Thursday with her latest Instagram offering. She jumped the gun on the Saint Patrick's Day celebration by a few hours, but there were no complaints on her early start.

D'Errico's celebration came in the form of a strategically taken selfie. The picture features the actress/OnlyFans model standing by herself in some green lingerie. Despite her run-ins with the occasional hater, nothing but positivity filled the comment section.

The caption, as she's been known to do, was as informative as it was entertaining. She started off by expressing no regrets on jumping the gun on the St. Patty's Day celebration. She said, "I know I'm a day early but I don't care. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!"

"Nothing to pinch here!," she added before revealing her own connection to the holiday. "Did you know I'm part Irish? That's right, I'm magically delicious."

"Now head over to the link in my bio for more of me lucky charms."

You Can't Be On A March Heater Without Saint Patrick's Day Content

Donna D'Errico's happy Saint Patrick's Day message came on the heels of her sharing a valuable life tip. The tip - delivered in a cut-off white t-shirt with no support underneath - reads, "Never force friendships or relationships."

"The only thing worth forcing is your jeans over your butt. Follow me for more life tips."

That's a tip that's hard to argue with and is free of charge if you follow her on Instagram. The tips and the content are well worth the price admission.

Especially when D'Errico decides to go on a content heater, which is exactly what she said she was going to do for the entire month of March to celebrate her birthday. Those who ignored the notice are missing out.

We took the notice seriously and have been along for the content ride. Anyone who has been following along with D'Errico since she joined OnlyFans knew better than to ignore her.