Lizzo Claims 'This Body Is Art' While Dumping Out Her Huge Ass In A Thong Bikini

Here we go again with Lizzo bitching about the "discourse around bodies" and how she's being body shamed and how tough it is to be a BBW these days when all these forces are at play to turn her skinny.

Over the weekend, the James Madison flute-blowing YAASSSS QUEEN dumped out the fat rolls in a video where she's bitching and moaning about how she's "seen comments go from 'Oh my gosh, I like you when you were thick, why'd you lose weight?' to 'Oh my gosh, you're so big, ew, you need to lose weight.'"

You know it's a slow period for Lizzo when the one-trick pony goes back to the OMG social media is so mean well once again to rile up the YAASSSS QUEEN supporters who then drop "FACTS" comments on her social media posts where she's flailing around in a bikini that's struggling for survival.

The big pivot in Lizzo's latest diatribe came when she uttered the line, "This body... is art."

"Imma do whatever I want with this body," Lizzo added while adding in a twirl with her big ol' ass all thong'd out. "I wish comments cost money so we could see how much time we're wasting on the wrong things."

Oh OK.

Look, do I care whether Lizzo is 125 pounds and pumping out squat videos from Planet Fitness or 500 pounds and gorging on milkshakes and smoking cigs on her couch? I don't. Be as fat and (IMO) as disgusting as you'd like, girlfriend.

Just quit with this nonsense where you're faux outraged over the comments. The ship has sailed, queen.

And then we have to see the Sports Illustrated woke YAAASSSS QUEEN editors say "Lizzo says it best," and Brooks Koepka's wife, Jena Sims, add "She gets it."

Gets what?

Gets 2 a.m. Taco Bell runs delivered by Uber Eats?

It's time for SI to put up or shut up and throw Lizzo on its 2023 swimsuit issue cover. I'm talking full-on BBW, no airbrushing, dump out those fat rolls in the tiniest of bikinis the woke SI bikini team can find.

I want one cover -- Lizzo. Give her the full run of show at the airport magazine counter.

And then let's see the magazine sales. Let's see just how many people out there are supportive of this fake body positivity nonsense being pushed by the wokes. While they're busy telling people to be proud of being morbidly obese, doctors are busy telling children they need to be on weight-loss drugs.

So the ball is in Sports Illustrated's court.

Is this art?

If so, take the challenge. Let's see how long you stay in business.


The big woman you put on the cover last year doesn't count. Give the world Lizzo in her bikini.

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