Legendary Adult Star Cougar Lisa Ann Hops On The Zach Wilson Bandwagon

There are legendary weeks for NFL quarterbacks and then there's the week where Zach Wilson was accused of sleeping with his mom's best friend and legendary adult star Lisa Ann liking Zach's reaction to the cougar-gate scandal.

Nobody understands the cougar game like Lisa Ann, who has appeared in more cougar movies than possibly any other actress in the history of the cougar game. Game respects game.

“Took the boys to in Idaho before camp! Poor cell service…what I miss?” Wilson wrote this week while working with his receivers in Idaho.

Lisa Ann was completely defenseless. Of course, she's liking that response.

According to her IMDb page, Lisa Ann made her first "My Friend's Hot Mom" appearance all the way back in 2004. Since then, she's appeared in approximately 500 cougar-themed videos. I didn't count because I'd be here all day.

Now a mainstream podcaster, Lisa Ann isn't one to throw around her accolades, but the Internet never forgets her dominance in the cougar field. The minute Lisa Ann threw down that 'Like' was the minute Zach Wilson's street cred went above and beyond the street cred he got from his fellow athletes who are amazed by Zach's alleged prowess.

And don't forget that Janet Gretzky is also now a big fan of Zach and his teammates.

Simply put, what a week for Zach. His ex-girlfriend thought accusing him of such a thing would crush her ex-boyfriend.

It backfired spectacularly and now Lisa Ann is on the bandwagon. Talk about running hot.

Zach may never have a bigger week in life.

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