Las Vegas Sex Worker Offering Her VIP Services To Raiders Players At A Discount

A Las Vegas sex worker has offered to take care of the off-the-field needs of Raiders players and staff. She is discounting her services as a thank you to the organization for boosting her business.

Ariel Ganja, who recently revealed that she's taking home a $300,000 a year salary, told TMZ Sports that she's offering her VIP package to the Raiders organization at a 50% discount for the entire season.

"I'm offering my VIP package to Raiders players and staff because the team has brought so much positivity and joy to the Vegas area and have helped boost my business at the brothel, thanks to the throngs of fans that visit Sin City to see the Raiders play," she said.

A match made for Vegas

Ariel's offer to the Raiders includes a limo ride to the Chicken Ranch brothel, where she works. As well as a personal entrance to a private bungalow to ensure the encounters are kept on the down low.

There is another reason why she's offering up her services to the Raiders. Ariel said she's hoping to partner with the team as their official sex worker.

"The Las Vegas Raiders have an official gaming partner and an official beer and wine partner," Ganja said. "Why not have an official sex work partner?"

"I hope to treat my Raiders VIPs so well that they’ll be compelled to make me the team's 'Official Sex Worker.'"

If any NFL team would have an official sex worker it would make sense that it would be the Raiders. They are in Las Vegas after all. And part of being a professional sports franchise is embracing the area.

That said, I highly doubt Mark Davis would pull the trigger on such a partnership, but if it can keep his players out of trouble it might be worth the presumed backlash. You never know what a grown man with his haircut will do.