Kevin Bacon Covers Viral TikTok Song 'It's Corn'

Kevin Bacon is a man of many talents. He's been in countless movies, on a bunch of TV shows, he has a trivia game named after him and is even in a band. But I don't think any of that compares to his latest TikTok.

On Saturday the 64-year-old actor/musician shared what is arguably his best piece of art to do date. Bacon turned the viral TikTok hit It's Corn into an acoustic ballad.

Before we get to Bacon's masterpiece let me fill in anyone who isn't aware of the viral song. First off, welcome out from under the rock you've been living under.

TikTok isn't all evil, especially in the hands of Kevin Bacon

The It's Corn song was created by the TikToker schmoyoho and has more 8.6 million views. He created it from an amazing interview with a kid named Tariq, who has since become known as the "Corn Kid" (that interview was covered in-depth here).

Here's the original version of the song. Which if you don't sing Bacon's version for the rest of the day, you will be singing this one. You're welcome.

As incredible as the original version of the song is, there's something special about Bacon's acoustic version by the beach.

Sure it's Kevin Bacon so that adds something to it, but it's also good. His version could get some spins on the radio. And I hope it does.

Enough talking about it here it is, enjoy!

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