Kentucky Players Celebrate Win Over Gators By Eating A Gator

What better way to celebrate an upset victory on the road over the Florida Gators, than by consuming an actual alligator?

If you're the University of Kentucky Wildcats, there is no better way.

While their fans set the town ablaze, the team sat down to a delectable, reptilian meal.

Quarterback Will Levis posted a picture of a picked-a-part, roasted gator to his Instagram story.


Probably a safe bet that this wasn't just on the lunch calendar by chance. No one would have much of an appetite for some gator had they been shellacked Saturday.

That's good, eatin' though. If you've never had alligator before, it's good and the "tastes like chicken" rule applies.

It really does taste like chicken. It's just a chicken that wouldn't think twice about lopping off your arm.

And while any alligator will taste pretty damn good, none will taste as sweet and succulent as a victory gator... over the Gators.

Kentucky's win over Florida boosted them to No. 9 in the latest AP pole. They'll take on the Youngstown State Penguins next week.

That's should be a bit of an easier game than the one against the Gators, but the celebratory meal won't be quite as good.

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