Kenny Pickett's Fiancée Amy Paternoster Seemed Concerned As Lions Pick Came In - Update: He's A Steeler

While the Hutchinson sisters were excited for their brother Aidan to be selected by the Detroit Lions, Kenny Pickett's Princeton educated fiancée Amy Paternoster seemed concerned as the NFC dumpster fire traded up to No. 12 to make a pick.

ESPN's live look-in at Pickett's Draft command center caught Paternoster, who played soccer at Princeton where she's an economics major, looking miserable as the Lions, who need a quarterback of the future, made a big move to trade up into the No. 12 slot.

Amy can relax. The Lions went with wide receiver Jameson Williams, leaving Pickett and his small hands on the board.

Or she was thinking of how much money Kenny would bank -- and invest -- if he landed at the 12-spot. The total contract value for that slot based on the current labor deal is for $19.1 million plus an $11 million signing bonus.

Maybe Detroit wouldn't have been too bad after all.

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