Kay Adams Dominated The NFL Honors Red Carpet

Yes, there were some heavy hitters on the NFL Honors red carpet last night like Miss Universe Olivia Culpo and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Christen Harper, but there was a hands-down winner -- Kay Adams.

Wearing some sort of lace underwear pants thing and a top you might see at a Planet Fitness, the "Up & Adams" FanDuel show host was on her A-game on the NFL's biggest red carpet stage.

"I tried to tell you I had the hottest date at NFL Honors, but you didn't believe me," the 36-year-old Adams told her Instagram fans before snuggling up to the Old Spice mascot. "Look at us. Yeah babyyyy. That swaggy ewwwwww (of maybe it was more like oooooooo)," she added.

It's unclear if Old Spice was hooked up in a sponsor deal with Adams and it doesn't really matter to our NFL Honors Red Carpet Honors: Kay Adams won fair and square. This woman went out there in those lace underwear whatever they are and DOMINATED.

Let's go to the footage:

Other NFL Honors Red Carpet contenders include:

Olivia Culpo -- Solid night. Classy. Presents well. Clearly doesn't party like Fun Kay Adams.

Christen Harper -- Another solid performance out of Harper, the Sports Illustrated model I promoted for a number of years before woke SI finally figured out that she deserved to be in the magazine.

Aria Hutchinson -- There's no way Miss Michigan 2022 was missing her brother's big night at the Super Bowl. That's Aidan's mom, Melissa Sinkevics, on the left.

Honorable mentions:

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper's wife, Nicole, looking stunning.

Tavia Hunt -- Her daughter, Gracie, gets all the headlines, but mom is 100% in her prime.

Joe Namath's daughter, Jessica, attended the big event:

Mrs. Jerry Jones was in the house. God bless Texas and Eugenia:

Tracey Edmonds -- The last time I saw her, she was in Colorado snowmobiling with Prime. Say hello to the new First Couple of Colorado.

Claire Kittle -- Always a party and always stunning.

And Sam Hubbard's mystery woman made an appearance on the red carpet. We don't know her name because Sam didn't even mention her on his Instagram page. This must be a new relationship.

Bonus red carpet coverage!

Brenda Warner was back on the red carpet. You guys always enjoy seeing what the 55-year-old Marine Corps corporal vet has been doing with her hair, so here you go.

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