Kanye West Defends Nazis, Says 'I See Good Things About Hitler' In Disastrous Appearance On Alex Jones Show

It's hard to imagine something going worse than Kanye West's recent appearance on Alex Jones' Infowars show.

This has been a growing trend with Ye, as he recently left another interview after just 10 minutes after being asked about antisemitism.


Alex Jones gave Kanye another opportunity to make the bare minimum amount of effort to distance himself from antisemitism. He did the exact opposite, saying that he saw "good things about Hitler."

But since that wasn't bad enough, he continued and doubled down on defending Nazis, saying that "we gotta stop dissing" them all the time.

This is, to put it mildly, inexcusable.

There's no way to explain this behavior in any reasonable way. There's no justifiable reason for defending the Nazis or Hitler.

Kanye's Indefensible Remarks

Whatever's happened to turn Kanye into...whatever this is...is disturbing and upsetting. Antisemitism isn't acceptable, and we should absolutely not stop "dissing the Nazis."

It's not hard to condemn one of the most evil individuals and organizations in world history, but Kanye couldn't do it.

It reminds me of this all-time Twitter classic:

Just in the past few months, West has lost numerous brand sponsorships as a result of public statements.

Some of those changes might have been unjustified at the time, but it's a near certainty that no brand will want to work with him now.

There are some lines that shouldn't be crossed, and Kanye just crossed one of them.

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