Jon Stewart, Former Comedian, Makes It Official: I'm a Hypocritical Wokester

For better and certainly worse, Jon Stewart redefined late-night television.

The Johnny Carson model sits in the dustbin of history. Now, late night comics feast on the latest political headlines, and they do so from a uniformly hard-Left perspective. Greg Gutfeld over at Fox News is the exception, and he routinely trumps the competition in the ratings.

Stewart's "Daily Show" run established the model that Colbert, Maher, Oliver and others follow with slavish devotion. Cherry pick news headlines. Take politicians out of context. Wait for audience to clap like seals in approval.

Yet Stewart earned some begrudging respect from conservatives during his reign.


He was often very funny, and he occasionally tweaked his own side.

Now? Good luck finding a scathing Biden joke on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" or related shows that came in Stewart's wake.

Jon Stewart Changed Late Night, And Not For The Better

Stewart left his signature showcase in 2015. He pivoted to filmmaking briefly, but his two films failed to move the pop culture needle ("Rosewater," "Irresistible").

He returned to the late-night format, in theory, via "The Problem with Jon Stewart." The Apple TV+ showcase is a ratings dud, but more importantly it delivers a new, hardly improved Stewart.

He's now woke to a flaw, something he admitted during a recent interview.

Stewart appeared on the far-Left show "People's Party with Talib Kweli" to double down on his new woke status.

He added a twist for good measure. He's a hypocrite.

“I live in Manhattan. These buildings got here through bloodshed and through coercion — built on the burial grounds of Africans and, more than likely, hippies from the 1960s... when something has been built that way, it’s not enough to just say, ‘We will stop building more of it. If the effort isn’t made to dismantle those things, then they remain, not as inert, abandoned structures, but as structures that still have an effect to this day.”

NOTE: The burial ground in question consists of 6.6 acres of land.

Except he has no interest in giving up his millions, gained via so-called "White Privilege" nor the systems that keep his low-rated show in place.

And he owns up to it.

“We all participate in exploitative systems. I’m woke. My f***ing phone is not, but I use it, because it has birds that are angry on it, and I love them ... that’s what I meant by the humility of, like, I know what I am. I try and live to the good unless the inconvenience of it is too great. You’re always trying to figure out how to humble yourself on your own failings.”

The irony is clear, but Stewart could still have it both ways. He could maintain his woke status, embracing the kernel of goodness within the movement while remembering he's a comedian.

So Many Hypocrisies In The Woke Movement

That means calling out the glaring hypocrisies, not to mention the abject bullying, that happens within the woke movement.

Need an example? Country superstar Morgan Wallen nearly lost his career for uttering the n-word in private, while First Son Hunter Biden used the term repeatedly in text messages and faced zero repercussions.

Need another? TBS offered up a groveling apology for mocking Hillary Clinton's laugh, but every comic institution in the country mocks President Donald Trump's weigh, skin color, hair and more.

Stewart will do no such thing, of course. His new woke friends would turn on him in a New York minute. He'd rather stay a hypocrite than speak truth to the newest form of power.

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Christian Toto is an award-winning film critic, journalist and founder of, the Right Take on Entertainment. He’s the author of “Virtue Bombs: How Hollywood Got Woke and Lost Its Soul” and a lifelong Yankees fan. Toto lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, two sons and too many chickens. Follow Christian on Twitter at