John Lennon Face Appears Inside Fan's Beer

Having a beetle inside your beer isn’t desirable, but it’s certainly conceivable if you’re partaking while outside. Having a Beatle inside your beer is a whole other story. But that’s what happened to Beatle’s fan, Lee Baker, who spotted John Lennon within some nearby suds.

Baker and friends were touring famous Beatles landmarks when he noticed Lennon’s mug inside his friend's…mug.

“When I saw John Lennon’s face in my companion’s pint it was a little scary, it looked like a sign,” Baker said, per Jam Press.

Imagine that.

Baker, 51, continued: “I was thinking of my own business and peeked into it and happened to see it. It also made us laugh for ages, it’s been a joke between us ever since.”

Lennon Died In 1980

Baker discovered Lennon and his buddy's beer come together while at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. The pub has become a popular spot for tourists and fans of The Beatles, since the band played there before making it big.

“I’ve always been a Beatles fanatic," Baker added. "I grew up in the ’70s and my mom and dad were huge Beatles fans too, it was the music I grew up listening to."

Along with Cavern Club, Baker, his two friends, and his wife, visited Penny Lane, Strawberry Field and the former homes of Lennon and Paul McCartney.

But Lennon's image only joined them for one visit. And that was courtesy of the Cavern Club brew.

“It was from before his bearded era in the ’70s when he was more clean-cut," Baker said of the sudsy image of Lennon.

Lennon Is A Member Of The Rock And Rock Hall Of Fame

Not surprisingly, considering he spends his off time visiting Beatles landmarks, Baker was thrilled to notice Lennon's image inside his pint.

John Lennon is my favorite Beatle," Baker said. I like the fact that he was a little bit off the cuff, a genius, he was quite angry at times, he was outspoken — he sent back his MBE to the queen.

“He was the leader, he was just the main man. I know Paul McCartney was equally as talented but John had the charisma that Paul lacked.”

The group of Beatles fans ultimately polished off the beer, but maybe they should've let it be?

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