John Daly Is Back To Playing Tournament Golf & Crushing Cigs On The Golf Course After Knee Surgery

After having what he calls a "major scope" on his left knee, golf legend John Daly is back to crushing golf balls and smoking cigs on the links.

Speaking this week at the PGA Tour Champions stop at Constellation Furyk & Friends event at Timuquana Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida, Daly explained why he's already back out on the course just 10 days after having knee surgery.

"It's because I love Jimmy and Tabitha so much," Daly said of his appearance at his old friend's charity event.

What an absolute heart of gold from this guy. He could be on the couch smoking cigs, crushing Diet Cokes and watching sports, but that's not nearly as fun as being out on the course with his buddies smoking cigs and sharing laughs.

Daly says the knee surgery was necessary. "I was hurting pretty bad in Sanford," he says of the Sanford International tour stop in mid-September where he was forced to withdraw.

Between the knee, something with his back, something that happened in St. Louis (no idea if that has to do with the beautiful first pitch he threw at a Cardinals game on September 8), and arthritis, the guy isn't exactly the picture of good health, but that ship has sailed.

Now 56, Daly isn't about to let some pesky knee thing ruin fall golf. This is when big boys like JD hit their stride. Pullovers on those crisp fall mornings. The humidity drops. The cigs taste more festive. Those 19th hole beers go down so much better as the sun sets in the late afternoon. Those post-19th hole Hooters wings taste that much better.

As always, God bless John Daly. We need dozens more just like him in the world of sports.

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