Joe Rogan Torches Liver King's 'Corny' Apology Video

Joe Rogan wasn't impressed by Liver King's apology for lying about using steroids.

Liver King - whose real name is Brian Johnson - was exposed in leaked emails for using steroids, despite claiming over and over again that his jacked physique was due to all natural gains. While a lot of people speculated he might have been getting some help, there was never a smoking gun the popular YouTube channel More Plates More Dates exposed it all.

After he was caught, Liver King attempted to spin his lie as nothing more than an attempt to stop people from killing themselves. Joe Rogan wasn't impressed.

"You know what the problem is? Sometimes people don't hang out with people who are smarter than them and you think you're the smartest person or maybe because he's running this company, people have to listen to him. So, he has a distorted perception of his ability to communicate and his ability to convince people. That was so theatrical and so corny," Rogan explained on his podcast.

At one point, Rogan even referred to the apology video as "nonsense." You can watch him discuss the Liver King's admission of using steroids below.

Joe Rogan hit the nail on the head with Liver King.

It's hard to disagree with Joe Rogan's assessment of the situation. Liver King wanted to convince people that if they just ate raw meat and followed his rules for life, they could look just like him.

Yet, as Rogan pointed out, he couldn't even get his own body without cutting corners. The man got exposed and it is what it is.

Also, I'm not sure I've ever seen a more cringe Instagram than Liver King's. Are we sure this all isn't elaborate performance art?

He has a video showing off an arsenal of weapons, which as any smart person knows, you don't do. You never tip your cards to the enemy.

As someone who knows a lot of actual gunfighters who have killed people, I can promise you they laugh and mock people who behave like this on social media. They even talk about it on "American Joyride."

Do you agree with Rogan's take on Liver King? Let us know in the comments below. I'm definitely on the same page.

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