Joe Biden Jokes That He Likes “Babies Better Than People” …Who Wants To Tell Him?

President Joe Biden had one of his trademark gaffes. This time he's forgetting that babies, while small, are still people.

Biden hosted a group in the East Room to celebrate 13 years of Obamacare when a baby started making noises.

Now, I have no clue why this baby was there, but I feel like a trip to the White House is a good time to get a sitter. That's not what this proud parent did, and it gave Biden a chance to show off some of that legendary quick wit of his.

Just kidding, he bumbled through and confused people like he normally does.

"That's alright, we like babies," the president said. This received a massive laugh and applause break for some reason.

Perhaps driven by this reception, Biden pressed his luck.

"I like babies more than people," he proclaimed.

Oh, Joe... Joe, Joe, Joe...

Saying I like "babies better than people" is like saying "I like dogs better than animals
to "I like cupcakes better than desserts." It just doesn't make any sense.

Of course, babies are people. They're just small ones that don't pay taxes, which might be why Biden was so excited to see one. That, or he was just excited to see someone else in the room at an age where bowel control is a very real, everyday battle.

I'd like to address the Democrats reading this or a second if you don't mind: Hey, so, you guys aren't serious about this guy running again in '24, are you? That's a bluff right? I mean, I know the talent pool has run pretty dry on your side of the aisle, but we're going to do this again?

This gaffe came just one day after the president said he wants to “keep guns out of the hands of domestic political advisers" during a Women's History Event.

What did he mean? I'm going to guess something like "domestic violence offenders." It doesn't matter what he meant, the point is that we shouldn't have to decode the musings of an octagenarian every time the President of the United Speaks. Crisp, clean communication is kind of a big part of the gig.

The man is just a doddering old faux pas machine. This kind of mistake would be endearing if he wasn't the leader of the free world. Yogi Berra messed stuff up all the time, but everyone thought it was endearing because he was a catcher.

He wasn't dealing with the likes of China and Russia like ol' Joe is.

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