Joe Biden Calls For Pictures With 'Everyone Under 15' During Braves' Visit

Ol' doddering Joe Biden was in rare form with the Atlanta Braves on hand to celebrate their 2021 World Series title.

Biden took to the stage and offered the requisite remarks. Y'know, the kind where the president pretends to like whatever team swings by and give the guys some good-natured ribbing.

Of course, Joe was his typical, silky-smooth self.


You can bet that Biden's handlers wanted to get him off stage pronto, but he had one final remark that will go down in the Creepy Joe Hall of Fame.

After holding up his Braves #46 jersey, the president was adamant that kids hop up onstage, but only if they were under 15.

He was very clear about that last part.

"Everybody under 15 c'mere…c'mon honey…" he called.

Look, I know he just wanted to give kids a chance to take some pictures with the Braves (although I feel bad for any kid who loves the Braves but just turned 16. That learners' permit isn't so cool now, is it?)

Still, it's an audio clip he — and his people — will probably want back.

Biden Can't Help But Make Mistakes, Creep People Out

Context is important. Those same words being said through the partially cracked window of a primered van are much worse than when the President says them while standing in front of the Atlanta Braves.


Biden can't help himself with these creepy slips-of-the-tongue and speaking faux pas. It's like he has to make them. He can't even make it through these glad-handing sessions with championship teams without slip-ups.

Shouldn't those be the easiest thing a president ever does?

I mean, earlier this year we had him calling NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, "Gary Batman" when the 2021 Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning were in town.

You've got Victor Hedman openly laughing at the leader of the free world right behind his back!

At his own house, no less!

I know nobody is perfect, but if you get tongue-tied while giving Adam Duvall a pat on the back, what happens when you talk to other world leaders?

Just going by what I've seen, I'm guessing it sounds not unlike Fonzie trying to admit he's wrong.

Biden just keeps giving those who aren't fans of his fodder to drive home the point that he's just not with it these days. Everyone knows those supercuts of creepy/out-of-it Biden moments where he sniffs peoples' hair and shakes hands with ghosts.

You can bet yelling, "Everybody under 15 c'mere..." will soon be part of those too.

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